Saturday, July 4, 2015

And Then There Was the Frontenac

Next up is another classic Canadian Laker.
 This time, it's the Frontenac.
 With the Chinese boats getting built, I have to wonder how many years she has left in her.
 It would be a shame, because she's another nice looking boat.  It's a shame that she has that huge self unloader on her stern though.
 But her pilothouse cuts a nice profile.
 She's another boat with a nice profile.  Against, it would be nicer without the hardware but I think the hardware is what keeps her around when so many of her fleet mates have become scrap.
 Just in case you forget who owns her.
 She continues up the St Clair River.
 Next I caught her at Marysville.
 As she passes the next post.
 Then I decided to catch her at Port Huron.
 The front shot.
 She approaches the Bridge.
 And passes under the bridge.
 A closer shot of her passing under the Bridge.
 Her deck house.
And she moves up into Lake Huron.

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