Saturday, July 4, 2015

Anglian Lady and Ironmaster Getting a Hand from Manitou

I had the day off yesterday, so I decided to go boatwatching.  I was entertaining the idea of catching the Calumet on the West Side of the State but I wasn't sure what port she was going to.  I did see that Port Huron and area would be fairly busy, so I headed over that way.
 As I was approaching Port Huron, I saw that the Ironmaster was being handled by a pair of tugs.
 At the front was the Manitou.  Normally, you would see a barge like this getting pushed by one tug but I suspect that the Anglian Lady was having some issues due to the current.  So it looks like she was getting a hand from the Manitou.
 At any rate, it made for a pretty nice picture.
 I'll have to say that the Manitou is a pretty nice looking tug.
 The Anglian Lady isn't too bad either.
 the Manitou continues on.
For some reason, I really like this shot.

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