Sunday, January 6, 2013

Clare, Michigan

Then we decided to head up north.  Decided to take US-10 to 127 because I saw on facebook that Cops and Doughnuts was making pepperoni rolls.  That sounded pretty good, so we stopped there for lunch.
 Cops and Doughnuts is a bakery in Clare, Michigan.  The bakery itself dates back to 1896.
 At some point, the bakery fell on hard times and rather than let it go under, a group of Clare policemen banded together and bought the business.
 And they do a pretty good job of it too.
 The Doherty Hotel was built in 1924 and stands as a historic landmark now.  I kind of wish they would have kept the older look to it...but I guess progress marches on.
 I'm not sure about this picture.  I wanted to get a transparent reflective but I think I got too much of the outside and not enough of the inside.
 A better shot of the fork fish.
Some of the other buildings in Clare.  It definately has that old Midwestern town look.

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Anonymous said...

clare . . . i know this place!! happy new year . . .