Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bavarian Inn

I apologize in advance as I wasn't shooting under ideal conditions.  There may be some fog on the lens.  I also bumped up the ISO's as I didn't have my tripod with me.  So these are probably closer to snapshots than anything.  But I don't remember covering the Bavarian Inn on this blog, so here goes.
 The Bavarian Inn began it's life as the Union Hotel in 1888.  It was renamed "Fischer's Hotel" by Theodore Fischer.  It was Theodore's son that started the all you can eat chicken dinners that Frankenmuth is now known for.  In 1950, the hotel was bought by the Zehnder's (owners of the restaurant across the street).  The above glockenspiel was added later.  Every hour (or half hour), little figures come out, it is pretty cool.
 The restaurant started to fall on hard times in the mid 1950's and there was even talk of closing it.  It was at this point that they decided to remodel the restaurant and give it the look of a German building.  It was the Zehnders that encouraged other businesses to give Frankenmuth it's current look.
 Another angle of the clock tower.  I wish it weren't so cold.
 I believe this is a tourist information center.
An attempt at an overall view of the restaurant.  I'm gonna have to come back here in the daylight for some better pics.

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