Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eastern Michigan Vs. CMU Basketball - The Game

I'm still not comfortable taking basketball pictures.  I don't follow it enough to anticipate the plays and stuff but I do think I'm getting better.  I really should try to use the repeat drive on my camera so that I get some sequences but oh well, I guess it comes with the territory.
 The opening tip off.  I don't understand why there isn't a tipoff to start the second half as well.  Oh well.
 Da'Shonte Riley going up for a basket.  He is probably one of the more frustrating players on Eastern's team.  For as tall as he is, he seems like he should be better.
 Jalen Ross bringing the ball down the court.  He's a freshman and it seems like he will get better.
 Glenn Bryant heading towards the basket.
 Daylen Harrison heading towards the basket.
 Jamell Harris going for a free throw.
 The band during halftime.
 And another shot of the band.
 J.R. Sims going up for a basket.  I think he was fouled on this shot though.
 I forget who was doing the free throw here, but it was one of a few that actually went in.
 Jamell Harris during a dunk.
 Another free throw that actually went it.
And okay, there was another one but it didn't seem like many of the players were making them when they should have been icing the game.

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