Monday, January 21, 2013

The Day in Detroit

I went down to the auto show yesterday.  I ended up parking in Greektown and taking the People Mover over to Cobo.  This is kind of a cool way to go there although it is pretty much walking distance if it's not too cold.
 Ended up parking on the top floor of the parking structure and got a view of Detroit that I don't usually get.
 I think this view is a little cooler.  Yes it is possible to get a picture of the Detroit skyline without the Ren Cen.
 Stay behind the yellow line.
 I thought this scheme was pretty cool.
 A shot of the inside of the People Mover.  I'm guessing this is probably one of the busier times for it.
 A statue of a naked dude and canoe in Cobo Hall.
 As I was waiting for the People Mover to leave Cobo, I took some pictures of the mosaics.
 Not sure what these cars but they do look kind of cool.
 Another cool.
 It was even more crowded on the way back.
 Leaving Cobo.  I may have to wander around this area when it gets nicer.
 There are some pretty cool buildings around here.  Sadly the rear window was dirty.
 The former Free Press Building.
 Another shot from the People Mover.
 And another shot of the People Mover.
 The Ren Cen.
Looking down at the street in front of Greektown.

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