Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Arthur M. Anderson Passes Marine City

And so we continued on down to Marine City.  One of the other nice things about watching ships on the St. Clair River is that the towns are close enough that you can get to the next town to watch the ship.
 If  I did have one complaint about the St. Clair River, it's that the ships are too close for me to get my full beam shot.  I need to be on the Detroit River for that.  But then again, it does afford me to get shots like this which is close enough.
 For the most part, the backgrounds along the St. Clair River are clean, so it's mostly just pictures of the ships.
 She is definately a beauty of a ship.
 It is pretty sad that they don't make them look like this anymore.  For the most part, the ships on the Lakes look like the ocean going ships.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.  The larger lens gives me the opportunity to do this.
 Another angle of her pilothouse.
 And her anchor.  Although I'm not terribly happy with this shot.
 I like it when I can get shots where you see people in them.  Gives a sense of scale.
 Slowly she moves down the river.  I don't think they look so neat from this angle.
 One of her lifeboats.
 Another shot of the rear of her pilothouse.
 A shot of her stern.  I do like the sterns of these older ships.
 She pulls away.
And a shot for a sense of the St. Clair River.  It's amazing for as big as some of these ships are, how small they seem in comparison to their medium.

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