Monday, January 21, 2013

Shots from the 2013 North American Auto Show

I'm not a huge car fan but I do appreciate them.  They do not rate as high as planes, ships or trains but I can apprecaite many of them.  If you like cars or are looking to purchase a car, I would highly recommend that you visit the Auto Show if you're in the area.  I'm not 100% sure but I think the Detroit Auto Show may be the biggest.  If it's not the biggest, it is certainly the one where many of the premiers are made.  Typically all of the major manufacturers are represented and a few of the not so major manufacturers.  So it is pretty cool.
 I'm not sure what kind of car this was but it was one of the cars that was outside of the show.
 The Ferarri logo on another of the cars outside.
 The new Ford Fusion.  I really like how Ford has decided to make each of their cars variants on the others.  It gives a good degree of brand recogintion.  I really like the way that this car looks.
 Probably one of the more famous horse logos out there, the Ford Mustang.
 The Ford Fiesta.  I was seriously considering this car instead of the Focus but I think I made the better choice.
 The Ford Mustang.  This picture shows one of the challenges of taking pictures at the auto show, namely it is difficult to get pictures of the cars without someone in them.    I'm also glad that Ford has decided to go back into its vaults for the Mustang.  I just hope they don't follow the pattern and model the next Mustang after the late 70's to early 80's iteration.
 An old Ford truck.  I believe this is the F-1.
 One of the official cars of Ann Arbor...the Subaru Forester.
 The Dodge Challenger.  I'm also glad that Chrysler took a hint from Ford and decided to bring back some of their classic designs.  I love these throwback cars.
 The Dodge Charger.
 And a car that I can dream about...the Dodge Viper.
 The street version of the Viper.  I hope that this means they are bringing this guy back.
 A front view of the Viper.
 And the other Viper.
 A Maserati.  This is one of the cool aspects of the auto show, you get a chance to see cars that you wouldn't normally see otherwise.  Although I don't think there was a Ferarri or Lambourghini display around.
 The Toyota Fuel Cell concept car.  I don't think hybrids are the answer to our fuel woes....I think that we may have to think outside the box.  Although there are still some issues with this as the energy return isn't as great as gasoline.
 Another Toyota concept car.  Reminds me of a star fighter.
 The Toyota Furia.  This is a concept car that will probably see production at some point.
 Another car that I can dream about.
 A Bentley.
 One of the Mercedes.
 Because of the challenges presented by the auto show, I decided to take pictures of some of the logos.
 A Jaguar.
 And a Jaguar logo.
 A Mercedes convertible.
 A Nissan sports car.  I actually remember when Nissan used to be known as Datsun.
 The Chevy Camaro.
 Another view of the Camaro.
 The new Corvette.
 And the one they were showing on the floor.  As you can see, it was next to impossible to get a decent shot of this one.
 At least the guy in front of me got a decent shot...I think.
 Another Camaro.
 Another Challenger.
 The Hyundai Veloster.  I thought this was a pretty good looking car but I guess it is getting shredded in the automotive press.
 A Cadillac racer.
 The Cadillac that is based on the Chevy Volt.  I think this is a pretty sweet looking car too.  If I were going to get a hybrid, I'd probably consider the Volt because it's power train is almost like a train's.
 Another view of the Caddy.
 A Mini.  This is one of the only sub-compacts that I really like.
 The BMW logo.
 A BMW convertible.  Allegedly, the turn signals on these do work.
 An Audi.  Normally, I wouldn't have put this picture in but it shows the difficulties of getting pictures here.
 The Audi Logo.
 An Audi concept car.
 A gull wing Mercedes.
 Another Mercedes.
 The Honda concept car.
 A better shot of the Mustang.
Ford had a display of the vehicles that they provide to the various public safety entities.  This is a Taurus police car.  Inicdentally, they used Tauruses in Robocop.

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