Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Muskegon Lighthouse and Breakwater Light

So I got to my first destination which was the Muskegon Lighthouse.  I had a little trouble finding it since I hadn't been to Muskegon in a while.  But I did manage to find it.
 The first part I saw was the Breakwater Light.  Believe it or not, it is actually older than the other lighthouse. This light was constructed in 1871.  It has a height of 53 feet and can be seen 9.2 miles out.  It is on the south arm of the breakwater.
 The pier light was built in 1903 and it replaced the light that was built in 1851.  There used to be a keepers house nearby but that was torn down in the 1970's.
 The tower is 48 feet high and the light can be seen 6.9 miles out.  Across the channel there is another light to mark the other breakwater.
 I mainly came to the west coast to see if there was some ice built up on the lighthouses and much to my joy, there was.  I really like the way this one looks although I've seen pictures where it is covered in more ice.
 Just a shot of the mouth.  You can see the other light to the right.
 A shot of the lighthouse through the trees.
 Another shot of the breakwater light.
And one last shot of the main lighthouse.

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