Monday, January 28, 2013

First Up...The Eagles

So I was up at my mom's this weekend.  A stop at my mom's means a stop by the eagles.  With the weather being fairly iffy, there were quite a few of them hanging out.  It was a pretty busy weekend for me.  Friday night was my company's 60th Anniversary.  Saturday night was my uncle's 50th birthday.  I don't have pictures from either of those events, but I do have other pictures.
 A juvenile eagle.  Up until they are around 4 or 5, they pretty much remain this mottled brown color.  As they get older, they get the white head that you are used to seeing with a bald eagle.
 This is an older eagle.  I wouldn't be surpristed if I've been following this guy for a while.
 I'm not sure if this is the same as the first one or not.
 So I went back a little later in the day.  Caught the eagle with the "golden light".  Makes for a pretty cool picture, I think.
 There were a bunch of eagles hanging around.  Sadly, this was the best I could do.
 A pair of eagles.  This picture needs a caption.
 Another group of them.
Before I headed home, I needed one more shot.  This may very well be the nesting pair that has lived here for a while.

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DetroitVideoDaily said...

I know you're a fan of Belle Isle also. I was on the island yesterday and saw my first eagle. Check out my latest post eagle blog post
Have you ever seen an eagle on Belle Isle? Not sure how common they are.