Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Grand Haven Lighthouse

My next stop was the Grand Haven Lighthouse.  This one was a little easier to find and I wish that I wasn't feeling pressure by the impending weather front because there is a train I would have liked to get pictures of.
 For me it is a tossup between this light and the St. Joseph Light for coolness.  One thing I do like about a few of the Lake Michigan lights is the fact that they have catwalks.  When you look at this picture, you can see why.
 Speaking of cool, this is the amount of ice build up on one of the fences.  Sadly, there was someone knocked the ice off some of the fences.
 The first lighthouse was established in 1839.  This light was completed in 1905 and the original light was kept as the keeper's house.  You can see the nice layer of ice on the pier which is why I stayed in the fenced portion.  Something about slipping into cold water has me nervous.
 The light in the front was built at the same time.  At one time, it sported a fog horn.  The front was modified to be like the bow of a ship.
 I kind of wish there were more ice on the catwalk.  Oh well.
 There was plenty of ice on this structure.
 It's amazing that there are people that far out.
 Another shot of the pier and the light.
 A better shot of both lights.
 You can see a little ice out on the water.
 I wanted a picture to give a good idea of the length of things.
 The sign is cautioning that the surface may be slippery.
 A shot from the beach.
 And a shot of just the front light.  I think the pair constitutes what would be called a range light.  If you are in a ship and you see the two lights lined up, you are on the right course to enter the harbor.
 Another shot.
 A shot of just the back light.
And a shot of just the front light.

In 2012, the city was given the deed to the two lighthouses but the Grand Haven Lighthouse conservancy is responsible for maintaining them.

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