Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Rouge River Industrial Complex

The Lee Tregurtha was headed to the Severstal Docks to deliver a load of iron ore there.   This place has a history of it's own.
 I think this is just a part of the complex itself.  I'm not sure if this is the steel mill or something else but I did like the shot.  The Rouge River Complex was built from 1917 until 1928.  It is a pretty example of the integrated manufacturing that Ford used to perform.  I don't know if Ford owned the mines or not but the ore would come here, get processed into steel.  The Ford Dearborn plant was closeby, so cars would get manufactured here as well.
 You will note I said Severstal docks up there.  I forget when it happened, but the Ford Rouge River Steel plant was sold to them a few years ago.
The lifeblood of the steel industry...iron and coal.

One of these days I'm gonna take a tour of the truck plant, I hear it is pretty interesting.

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Christopher List said...

It is. I spent far more time there than I expected.