Sunday, January 13, 2013

Visiting the U-M Botanical Gardens

A friend and I decided to go to the Botanical Gardens today.  It has been a while since I've been there but it is a nice place to visit.  It is even nicer when it is a little chilly outside because it makes you think of warmer times and places.

I will give the same caveat that I always give when I do flowers.  I do not know flowers, so I'm not about to identify them.
 This was one of the first flowers I ran into.  I thought it looked kind of cool from this angle.  It almost looks like a feather.
 And then I tried it from a different angle.
 Another purple flower.  I really liked this one.
 They have some pretty neat trees and other rain forest type things.
I think this is a palm tree of some sort.
 I really liked this flower.  The colors on it were fantastic.
 So I got another angle.
 Same with this flower.
 As I was about to take a picture of this bonsai tree, I noticed that it was started in 1969, so that makes it as old as me.
 Kind of an overview of the place.
 They have a pretty good cactus section.
 The koi pond is kind of cool except that I didn't have enough light to get a decent shot, but I do like this one.
 Another cactus.
 I wonder if Disney will sue them over this one?
 Another part of the above cactus.
 I think these are bamboo shoots.
 Looking down at another bonsai tree.  This one was started in the mid nineties.
 And this one was started in the 80's (or vice versa).
One last plant.

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h a t t i said...

You have some lovely shots. I did a very similar thing back home here in the UK. I like botanical gardens, they're very relaxing.