Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lee A. Tregurtha Passes the Dix Avenue Bridge

So I moved over to the Dix Avenue Bridge to catch more shots of the Tregurtha.  It was definately in an even more industrialized area than the other Bridge.
 The Tregurtha slowly makes her way up the River.  Even though, it is very industrialized, I think this makes a pretty good spot for pictures.
 Slowly she makes her way around the winds of the river.
 And almost comes into view.
 If you look to the left, you can see train cars.  If a plane had been flying over at this time, I could have hit the trifecta.
 And she gets closer.  I kind of liked the steam in the background.
 But I couldn't quite make the shot work.
 Slowly she approaches the bridge.
 I think the River may be even narrower here.
 I love this angle.
 I like this reflection shot even more than the last one.
 She makes her way through the bridge.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 There were a few boatwatchers gathered, so the captain came out and waved.  It was pretty cool.
 She makes her way to the docks.
 Another angle I wouldn't normally get.
 Still looking out.
 Her hatch crane.
 A shot of her self-unloader.
 I'm not sure if she's not quite as loaded because of the winter, low lakes or both.  But this seems higher in the water than she normally is.
 Another one of her hatches.
 I didn't notice this hatch before.
 A closeup of the self unloader.
 One of her boats.
 Another of her boats.
 In case you forgot who we were talking about.
 She passes the Bridge.
 And heads towards the plant.

 I think she has to make a turn into the slip in front of the plant.
 Another stern shot.
 More seagulls.
One more shot before going.  It's amazing that something this big is this nimble.

I wanted to mention that I saw tugboathunter at the other Bridge.  So that was pretty cool too.

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Christopher List said...

I missed seeing the captain.