Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ford Lake Dam

This one is a little tougher to write about because the details are a little more sparse.
 In the 1920's, the Ford empire was expanding and for the most part it was vertically integrated (meaning the company was producing the raw materials and parts for the cars).  I think he was starting to expand along the Huron River because of the ability of the river to provide cheap energy for his plants.
 This dam was built in 1932 and I think it was used to supply power to the Ford Ypsilanti Plant that was also built in 1932.
 I'm not sure how much energy this plant produced but it looked like it might be equivalent to the French Landing Dam.
 Looking up at the plant.  It has many styling cues from some of the older Ford factories.
 I tried to get a shot of the dam but I didn't really have a good vantage point for that.
 Not sure what this is.
 Looking down at the Huron River.
 The exit channel for the power plant.
 In 1969, the Ford Motor Company deeded the plant and dam to the City of Ypsilanti.  There appear to be a couple of nice parks nearby but they were both closed.  Again, I will have to check them out.
 The Ford Rawsonville Plant.  Well, the water tower for it anyway.  This plant opened in 1956 and I think was slated to be closed but it may be producing hybrid parts.
And a winter shot of Ford Lake.  Well part of it.  Ford Lake itself is pretty neat.


Sara William said...

I actually got amazed after reading the fact that Ford Empire is focusing on expansion since long. However, I am still looking for the details that whether it is involved in production of hybrid parts or not.

Sara William
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Drew Brady said...

Those two concrete walls under the river are part of the stilling basin, which protects the dam from erosion and slows down the force of the water from coming down the spillway. Almost every dam has one.

Stephny Jonathan said...

Great post about the dam, the facts that narrated in this article amazed me.
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