Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eastern Michigan Basketball - Vs. Miami

Decided to go to the EMU game today.  I almost didn't make it because I took what I thought would be a quick nap.  Fortunately, I have my furry alarm clock and it wanted some attention.
 I made it time for the tip-off.  Eastern won the opening tipoff and didn't seem to look back after that point.
 Glenn Bryant after taking a shot.
 Derek Thompson shooting one of many three pointers today.  Like I said for the first picture, Eastern was looking pretty good today.
 Jamell Harris passing the ball.  I think I will hate seeing him graduate.
 Matt Balkema trying to deal with a Miami defender.
 I'd say the Dark Knight showed up, but this isn't really the Dark Knight outfit.  So I'll say Batman.
 Glenn Bryant after a dunk.  The picture isn't as clear as I'd like though.
 J.R. Simms going for a basket.
 Derek Thompson going for a basket.
 Swoop during one of the intermissions.
 Jalen Ross charging towards the basket.
 Derek Thompson heading for the basket.
 Derek Thompson going for another three pointer.  I don't know how many he had but it seemed like alot.
 Derek Thompson in the process of getting mugged by the Miami defenders.
 I forget who was shooting this free throw but it went in.  Eastern looked a little better on the line today.
Jamell Harris after a last minute dunk.

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