Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The St. Joseph Lighthouse

Probably one of the more photographed lighthouses in the state is the St. Joseph Lighthouse.  It is a pretty neat lighthouse.  One of the other reasons why I didn't dilly dally at the other two lighthouses was because I wanted to catch this one before dark.
 As I arrived, I noticed the light on the other side of the channel was completely covered in ice.  As this is what I was looking for, I needed to get a picture of it.
 In 1846, the current light was built.  It replaced a light that was built fourteen years prior.
 Just a shot to give you an idea of the lay of the land.
 In 1886, a fresnel lens was installed.  This increased the distance that the light could be seen.  In 1905, this was replaced by a fourth order fresnel lens.
 Just a shot of the water.
 And a shot of the ice build up on the fence.  There wasn't anyone knocking this ice off.
 Another shot of the light.
 This was as close as I would get to the light as there wasn't any guardrails at this point.  And I don't like the idea of slipping in the water.
 Another shot.
 You can kind of see the light in the front.
 The front light was added in 1907 and equipped with a fifth order fresnel lens.  The pair make what is called a range light.
 Another shot of the shore.
 I started to move up a hill to get a better shot of both.
 I kind of like this angle.
 A nice peaceful looking shore.
 Another angle.
 One last shot of the pair.
For this, I tried to get some leading lines to the lighthouse.  Didn't quite work the way I was expecting.

As I said, there was impending bad weather.  I started to get it when I got to St. Joseph but at time I figured that I was already there an so I might as well do what I went there for.  Unfortunately, the weather followed me all the way home making for a fun drive.  This is why you are getting these posts today and not two days ago.

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