Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Air France Amongst the CRJs

After catching the train, I headed back to the airport.  I wanted to catch the Air France flight because it looked like it would be the A340.
 First up was a CRJ-200.  I don't remember where they were coming from.
 Another CRJ.
 This was a 737 belonging to United Airlines that was coming in from O'Hare Airport.
 There seems to be a theme here.
 I think this MD-88 was arriving from Atlanta.
 An Embrear 175.
 I'm not sure what variety of CRJ this is, but it belongs to American Airlines.
 This was an Airbus A318.  I think this may be the first 318 that I've seen.  It looks like it belongs to a charter service.

 I think this was another MD-88.
 And another CRJ.
 This 757-300 was arriving from Minneapolis.
 I think this was a Boeing 717 which is an offshoot of the DC-9 family.
 And the plane I was waiting for was the Air France Airbus A340 from Paris. 
As I was getting groceries at Kroger, I saw this Fed Ex MD-11 flying over.  It was low enough that I could get a decent shot.

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