Sunday, April 16, 2017

Some Oddities you See

After catching the Assiniboine, I decided to head over to Chelsea because my mom wanted to see some wildflowers and I wanted to kill some time until my next ship.  I ended up stopping at the rest area just out of Belleville.  And I saw something that I see in this area fairly often but I'm not usually in a position to take pictures.
 This is one of the pre-production versions of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler (I think).  They must be making some changes the body because those portions are covered.  It is also wearing something similar to Dazzleflage in order to disrupt picture taking and obscuring some of the lines.
Apparently the man was fine with me taking a picture as long as he was in it.

Anyway, the Wrangler is what I consider a real Jeep as it is probably the most direct ancestor to the famous Jeep from World War II.

The Willys MB (or Jeep) was developed prior to our entry in World War II after it was determined that the military needed a light four wheel drive vehicle.  Almost 600,000 Jeeps were produced by Ford and Willys during the war.  It continued in service through Desert Storm (at least).

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