Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Return to Magee Marsh

On Sunday, I decided to head back down to Magee Marsh.  I was hoping to see the eagles again and I was also hoping they would be a little more active.
 Well, I managed to catch the mother in her nest but I think she might have been agitated by all the people around.
 So I decided to take a walk around the boardwalk.  It was kind of nice and I saw several different birds.  I'm not sure what this one is though.
 A pair of mallards.
 This one is a female cardinal.
 And a downey woodpecker.
 And a Canada Goose.
 I think this was a gartner snake but I'm not sure because it is an off color.
 And I went back to the eagle.  This time she was out of her nest.
 A redwing blackbird.
And one more shot of the eagle before leaving.

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