Monday, April 24, 2017

Catching up the John J. Boland

So my main reason for going to Belle Isle was to catch some boats.  If I'd been thinking and wasn't quite so tired from the day before, I would have headed up to Port Huron to catch them.
 First up was the John J. Boland.  I believe she was heading down to Cleveland.  I would imagine that she will be making a few runs on the Cuyahoga River.
 It was last July when I caught her, so it has been a while.
 I think she is delivering iron to the steel mill in Cleveland.  If I remember correctly, she will stop at the terminal near the old Coast Guard station. 
 At the terminal, she will lighten her load and then take the iron down the Cuyahoga to the Steel Mill.  She will then return to the terminal to pick up more iron and repeat that step a few times.
And then she will head back to pick up a larger load of iron.

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