Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chasing Herbie the Love Boat

When I looked at Marine Traffic on Friday night, it looked like there were going to be two ships going to the Rouge Steel Plant.  I already mentioned the Kaye E. Barker.
 The other one was the Herbert C. Jackson.  After loading ore pellets in Marquette, she made her way across Lake Superior to the Soo Locks.  She then worked her way down Lake Huron through the St Clair River and then across Lake St. Clair to this point.  Like the other ships I posted, she had to blow her horn at the fishermen.
 What I thought was going to be a nasty day, ended up turning out pretty nice.  There were a few clouds in the sky.
 The Action Jackson passed my point, so I packed up and headed down to Riverside Park.
 It didn't take too long to catch up with her again.  At this point, the wind was starting to pick up and I was starting to wonder if she would make the trek up the Rouge River.
 She continued past the Belle Isle Anchorage point which meant that she was going to head up the Rouge.
 She is greeted by the Westcott.
 And she picks up her delivery from the Westcott.
 The Westcott peeling away after making her run.
 One more shot with the Ambassador Bridge in the background.
 Next I waited at the Dix Avenue Bridge.  I was actually thinking about catching her at one of the sooner bridge, but I wasn't sure about the timing.  Besides, I think I like the views the best from this bridge.
 She slowly approaches the Bridge.  I think they normally are a little faster, but I think she was being a little more cautious because of the wind.
 The sun was roughly at the right angle at this time of day.
 The area itself is not one of the better areas to take pictures of.  It is definitely an industrial area, but it does make a nice setting for a ship.  The clouds were almost perfect.
 The Jackson looms larger as it approaches the Bridge.
 A shot of her pilothouse as she passes the Bridge.
 And the rear, as she continues her way to the steel plant.
 One of her deckhands indicating the distance from the bridge to her sides. 
 A shot of her stack and one of her lifeboats.  Since yesterday was the anniversary of the Titanic sinking, I had lifeboats on my mind.
 If there would have been a plane landing, I could have had my trifecta picture here with the AK Steel switcher in the background.  Maybe I can get that some other time.
This picture is one of the main reasons why this is one my favorite places to get a ship picture.  I love the steel mill in the background.  Normally there is a little more churn behind the ship as she makes the final push for the dock.  There are also a few more seagulls.  Oh well.  Still a nice shot.

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Good photo feature at the Cleveland paper's site.