Sunday, April 9, 2017

At the Eastern Michigan Spring Game

So yesterday was the Eastern Michigan Spring Football Game.  It's not so much a game as it is a practice or scrimmage but it's football.  So I can live with it.  Plus it generally gives a person a chance to see some players that probably will not be seen for a couple of seasons.  I post most of my game pictures of Hustle Belt, so go there for those.  Here are some pictures of other stuff.
 This plane was flying right over the field.  Since I can't resist taking pictures of airplanes here goes.
 This was another Cessna.  I'm not sure what type but the wheels retract.
 This was one of my favorite shots of the game.  I kind of like it when the running back finds the hole.
 Ian Eriksen getting a handoff from Brogan Roback.
 Coach Creighton yelling about something.
They still had a post game handshake, even though they both play on the same team.

Basically the team is split into offense and defense.  The offense gets a certain number of points for doing offense things and the defense gets points for doing defensive things.  For instance, a sack is worth a certain number of points.  A fumble recovery is worth more points.  A stop was worth two points.  I think the offense ended up winning.

I'm not sure what any of this means for this coming season but I'm hoping good things.

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