Monday, April 24, 2017

Catching the Cherry Blossoms on Belle Isle

Now that I know about them, I try to make it an annual ritual to catch the cherry blossoms on Belle Isle.  They usually come out at about this time every year.  Spring has a been a little wonky this year and it looked like they were starting come out when I wandered around Belle Isle last weekend.  I figured that they would be more or less in bloom by this weekend.
 Well there were a few in bloom, but I think many of them already bloomed and the petals were down on the ground.  There were some clusters in places.
 So I think I got some decent pictures.
 There were still some nice flowers though.
 And the light was just about perfect.
 Sadly, the trees weren't full enough and I don't think they will be.  Otherwise, I would like this picture.
 And I seriously wish they would quit using Belle Isle to host the Grand Prix. 
 I tried to get some fuller branches.
 So I found some other clusters of flowers.
Maybe next year.

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