Sunday, April 16, 2017

Catching the CSL Assiniboine....Again

So I got up early yesterday because I thought the Kaye E. Barker was going to head up into the Rouge River.  I thought she would be passing through at about 7 in the morning which meant I was up a little sooner than that.  It turns out that she was headed to Toledo instead.  I didn't want to waste the morning and I saw that the CSL Assiniboine was heading down and was close to passing Belle Isle.  So I drove over there to catch her.
 I think there was some kind of fishing contest going on because that was an awful lot of boats out on Lake St. Clair.
 The CSL Assiniboine kept on going.
 This was the first time that she sounded five quick blasts of her horn.  That is ship for get out of my way.  The fishing boats didn't seem to want to move.  I guess catching the big fish is more important that your safety.
 After two more five horn blasts, the fisherman realized that the ship wasn't going to stop and they had to move.  Of course there were still a couple of lingerers.
 She passes Windmill Point which is the last place I caught her.
 She starts to make her turn for entering the Detroit River.
 Her turn completed, she continues on her way.
 I wanted to pull the camera back to show some of the ominous clouds.  It was raining as I got up and was still raining a little bit as I was waiting near the Rouge River.  The rain had passed at this point, but it still looked kind of ominous.
 A closer shot of the boat.
 Unfortunately I couldn't get the spot spot to catch her as she continued on her way.
 As you can see, what used to be what we call the Rocky Beach is now water.  I'm not sure how high the lakes are compared to a couple years ago, but they are definitely higher.
As for the Assiniboine, she's on her way to Quebec.  I'm guessing she has a load of grain but she could also have ore.
Normally the beach goes about 10 or see feet past these rocks.  As you can see, the water is almost right up to them.  If we get much more water in the lakes, this might be another spot where I wont be able to watch boats.

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