Sunday, April 23, 2017

Catching the BBC Mont Blanc

I didn't make it in time to catch the first ship I hoped to catch.  Her name was the Riga and I think she was owned by the Wagenborg Company out of Holland.  I don't think I've caught her before either.  But her name reminds me of playing Naval Wargames from the Cold War era because that was the name of a Soviet warship.  I made it in time to catch the next ship.
 The BBC Mont Blanc is owned by the Briese Schiffarts Company out of Hamburg, Germany.  I think she was coming down from Duluth, but I'm not sure what she was carrying.
 I'm not sure how many times she's visited it the lakes, but I think her first visit was in 2015.
 She was built in 2011and like many salties does not fly the flag of her home country.  she flies the flag of Antigua and Barbuda.
 She is about 413 feet long and about 72 feet wide.  She can carry about 9,282 metric tons of cargo.
She is heading for Norfolk, but I'm not sure where she is heading after that.

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