Monday, April 10, 2017

Post Spring Game Planewatching

After the Spring Game on Saturday, I decided to head over to the airport to catch some planes.  It was a nice sunny day and I figured I'd get some decent shots.  The fact that I would catch at least two 757's helped my decision.
 As I was leaving the stadium, I heard the sound of a 747 engine.  As I looked up in the sky I caught a 747 that was heading towards Inchon, Korea.
 This is a Hawker 800XP that is built by Raytheon Company.  The Hawker 800 was started in 1981 when British Aerospace wanted to develop a followup aircraft to the Hawker 125-700.  One of the improvements was the creation of the glass cockpit which is a cockpit that doesn't use the traditional gauges and dials of a normal aircraft.  The engines were changed to Garret Turbofan engines.  There were also changes to the wings to improve the drag characteristics.  The design first flew in 1983 and there have been 650 built since then.  In 1994, Raytheon took over.  It was later taken over by Beechcraft.
 This 737 was flying in from Cancun.
 This 737 is owned by a company called Xtra Airways and was coming in from Nassau.  Xtra is a charter airline that operates out of Coral Gables, Florida.  It was established in 1987 as Casino Express Airlines and began service in 1989.  They flew out of Elko, Nevada.  In 2005, the name was changed to indicate the change in focus from just casino charters.  In 2010, the headquarters was moved to Boise, Idaho.  In 2015, it was moved to its current location in Florida. 
 This 757 was serving as Delta Flight 2444 and was arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
 Another angle of that 757.
 This 737 was coming in from Phoenix.  I was kind of surprised to see it landing on my 21L.  Normally the planes coming in from the west will land on the western runways.
 I put this shot in because you could see one of the planes coming in.
 This 737 was arriving from Chicago's Midway Airport.
 Another plane that was arriving from Cancun.
 A Delta MD-88 arriving from Atlanta.
 Unfortunately I couldn't get the right angle to get the tail number on this one.  It was landing at 21R which is something I rarely see. 
 Another angle of that plane.
 This Airbus A319 was coming in from Miami.
 This Delta A320 was coming in from Grand Cayman.
 I was able to catch this 757 as it came in from Florida Southwest International Airport which is in Fort Myers.
 Since I like this plane, I'll get a few different angles.
One more shot before heading home.

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