Monday, April 24, 2017

Catching Up With the Kaye E. Barker

I was actually hoping to catch the Kaye E. Barker last week but it turned out that she was just passing on her way to Toledo, so I didn't catch her.
 I saw that Kaye E. Barker would be making the trip again.  Or at least I was hoping that she was making the trip.  Her AIS destination said Marquette-Rouge which I assumed meant that she was making that run.
 Well I knew hat I would catch her here.
 And the lighting was just about right too.
 she makes her turn towards the river.
 And she passes the Cuyahoga.
 The almost beam shot.  She has one of the better profiles on the lakes.

And she continues on her way.  I was thinking about catching her on the Rouge but it was crazy on
Belle Isle and that took out the rest of my ambition.  Maybe next time.

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