Monday, April 24, 2017

Catching the Yankee Lady

Yesterday as I was about to head over to Belle Isle, I heard the Yankee Lady fly over my apartment.  I then took a look at Flightaware and saw that she was heading out.  I figured that her flights were typically about an hour so I decided to go over to Willow Run to wait for her.  There is kind of a service drive alongside Ecorse and that seemed like a good place to wait.
 Shortly after I arrived, a Cessna came in for a landing and I realized that I need to move down the road a little bit.
 It wasn't a bad picture but I think I could do better.
 Then a Cessna Citation came flying over and again I realized that I needed a different spot.
 The Yankee Lady finally appeared after I was about ready to give up on catching her.  I was starting to think that maybe they took her to another airport or something.
 I guess my patience paid off but I wasn't too happy with this picture.  It was still cool to catch her.
 And I thought that this would be the end.
 She barely touched down and then took to the sky again.  It appeared that she was going to make another run.
 The go around gave me a chance to move a little bit in order to get a better picture.  I'm actually quite pleased with this one.
 The almost beam shot.
 And she goes in for another landing.
 Another Cessna came in for a landing.  This one came from somewhere in Canada.
 I was about ready to leave when I saw that she was making one more pass.  This gave me a chance to switch positions again.  This time I got out of the way of the wires.
 And I think I got my best picture of the bunch.
This time she landed.

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