Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday Night Planewatching

I decided to go planewatching last night but the winds were heading towards the south which meant I had to find different places to go planewatching.  They were places that I used when I first started to planewatch.
 I started in a turnaround circle near a powdercoat place.  It's not a bad spot but unfortunately, I was shooting into the sun.  The first plane is a Compass Air Embrear 175 coming in from Indianapolis.
 This 757-300 was coming in from Minneapolis.  I kind of wish the sky were a little more orangish at this point.
 Another angle of that 757.
 An Embrear 190 but I can't make out the tail number and I don't remember where it was coming from.
 Next I went to the cell phone lot.  I think the last time I was there, they didn't have 22R/4L up and running, so I didn't have this shot.  It's not too bad though.  It would have been better in the morning, I think.  This is a SkyWest plane wearing American Express colors.  It was arriving from O'Hare Airport in Chicago.
 Again, I couldn't make out the tail number on this plane but it's one of the CRJ's.
 This is a Boeing 717-200 coming in from Grand Rapids, MI.
 A SkyWest plane wearing Delta Colors arriving from O'Hare.
And I got jumped by this 757.  I kind of like the views from the cell phone lot but I'd like them more without the trees.

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