Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Catching the CSL St. Laurent

One of the other ships I was hoping to catch was the CSL St. Laurent.
 I saw online that she had a mural painted on her pilothouse and I wanted to see it early in the season.  I wasn't sure if it would get worn as the season progressed.
 Apparently it is a commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Canada.  It is also the 375th Anniversary of the birth of Montreal.
 So I caught her at a different point in Port Huron.
 Since I didn't quite get the pictures that I wanted, a little later I went down to Algonac to catch her.  I was hoping to get the frontal shot.  The frontal shot didn't quite end up the way I wanted.
 But I did get some better views of the mural. 
 The mural is named "The Sea Keeper" and is the work of Montreal urban artist Brian Beyung.  It is supposed to be a Canada goose in flight.  And it represents the vessel sailing in harmony with nature.
 It would be pretty neat if they would do this with more ships.
 There are also some decorations along the side of the pilothouse.
 A beamshot.
 More of a side shot to show the details on the side of the pilothouse better.
And she continues on.

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