Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A CN Train Engine

I suppose it's only appropriate that I post a picture of a Canadian train on Dominion Day.   Or at least, if I would have been more motivated, this would have been posted on Dominion Day.  So to all my Canadian readers, happy belated Dominion Day.
 There is a train that passes by the Soo on a regular basis.   As we were heading back to the hotel room for a moment, I caught sight of this guy.  I nearly passed it but then I noticed the string of cars behind it.
 It's amazing how much a single train can carry.
 A partial view of it's full load.  The building in the background is the US Border Patrol offices for the International Bridge.
 You never realize just how big these monsters are until you get a person in the picture for a sense of scale.
The side view of the engine.

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