Sunday, July 6, 2014

And Finally the Fireworks

Since I wanted pictures of the Badger and Lighthouse and I didn't want to carry my backpack, I only took my medium zoom lens.  I should have figured out a way to bring my little lens with me because that would have given me the shots I really wanted.
  The pictures aren't bad though but I kind of wanted some of the light reflecting off the water.
 I guess shots of just the fireworks are good though.
 They put on a pretty good shot at any rate.  It lasted for a little over 20 minutes.
 And since I didn't bring the backup battery, I pretty much got to enjoy a good chunk of it.
 I kind of like this one.
 As the finale approached, I remembered a little trick of pulling the battery out and putting it back in.  That gave me a few more shots.
But I had packed my tripod away, so I might have been a little shaky on some of those shots.

Like I said, the show was pretty cool and even the Badger gave her seal of approval to it.  I think next year, I would like to catch fireworks over Lake Superior though.


Pater said...

Nice pictures.

Rachael said...

Those are some great photographs!