Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Few Pictures from the Cuyahoga Valley

I decided to head down to the Cleveland area yesterday.  I was hoping to catch a ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.  Before that, I wanted to show my friend a pretty cool spot where can catch a few trains.  I didn't think that would lead to the headaches it lead to but it did.
 So to make a long story short, I didn't get a chance to ride on the train.  But that is just as well because I think the Nickel Plate 765 is going to be doing rides there in September.  And as you can see, I barely was able to catch pictures of it.
 Still, it's a pretty neat looking train.  I love the color scheme.
 Next we headed over to the Brandywine Falls.  In 1814, George Wallace saw this is a spot that he could use for a mill and he built a sawmill here.  Other types of mills appeared here but eventually.  This and the Inn at Brandywine are all that remain.
 I believe this is the remnants of an old power plant.
 The falls themselves were pretty neat though.  They are almost as impressive as the Tahquamenon Falls....almost.
 Another shot of the power plant.
 I believe this is all shale but don't quote me on that.
 Looking down at the base of the falls.
 It was actaully a perfect day for shooting pictures of waterfalls yesterday.  The skie were gloomy and it was rainy on and off all day.  With the lack of light, I was able to slow the shutter speed way down for shots like that.
 A faster shutter speed to try to slow down the falls a bit.
 The falls themselves are 65 feet tall.
 And I will have to admit that they look pretty beautiful.
 I just love the way the water cascades over this.  They are quite a bit different than the falls I am used to.
 Another fast shutter speed shot.
 Looking across the stream.  I just love all the green.
 Looking through some of the branches.
 A shot of just the top of the falls.
 And the bottom.
 Another shot of the rocks.
 I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, but I do like the looks of it.
 I believe this one is called Jerusalem Artichoke.
Still not sure what kind of flower this is.

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