Friday, July 11, 2014

A Couple of Trains

Tomorrow I'm going to be taking a ride on the Nickel Plate 765 but I wasn't sure where I would be catching it, so I decided to go scope the spot out.  It turns out that it is near a pretty major yard in Dearborn and will probably be a spot I will seek out again.  Well, I definately will be back there tomorrow.
 Well, I figured that since I was there and I saw trains moving about, I might as well get some pictures.  If you look in the back of the picture between the engine and the yard tower, you can see a couple of the passenger cars for the train I'll be riding tomorrow.
 This engine was pulling a few cars out.  It is an SD40-2 built by Electromotive Division of GM.  It is an older engine but still a pretty good workhorse.
 In case you forgot who it belonged to.
 It seems that train cars attract grafitti.
 And then it was pulling the cars back in.
 Another train strolled up the way.  This is another Electromotive Engine, this time a GP-38-2.
 Another car with grafitti.
 And then I saw another pair of engines pulling out.  These guys were actually leaving I think as they started to accelerate.  This particular engine is an ES-44AC which is made by General Electric.
 I really like this shot.
And one more shot before moving along.

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