Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder Makes an Appearance

This one is a little bit out of sequence as she would have fit somewhere during the Cort sequences but here is fine I guess since I saw her after I first saw the Cort.
 Next up is the tug/barge Dorthy Ann/Pathfinder.  It's kind of funny that I saw her because I would end up meeting a former Captain of hers on the next day. 
 The Pathfinder used to be known as the J.L. Mauthe when she was a proper ship.  She's found an extended life in the form of a tug/barge.
 A shot of her anchor.
 The Dorothy Ann is unique in that she's got nozzles for her propellors.  That makes her one of the more maneuveralbe vessels on the Great Lakes.
 She proudly wears the Interlake stack.
And she moves on.

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