Thursday, July 3, 2014

Point Iroquois Lighthouse

I think the best way to get from Sault Ste Marie to Tahquamenon Falls is to take the scenic highway that goes along Lake Superior.  It may not be the fastest way but there is the most scenery.
 Point Iroquois Lighthouse is along the way.  It's really hard for me to say I have a favorite lighthouse because I like so many of them.  This one is always nice to visit because it's in such a nice setting.  Occasionally I get to see ships passing by.  This visit was pretty neat because they had a former captain of the Dorothy Ann signing copies of his book.  So I picked that up.  He mentions this blog in it.
 A shot of the lighthouse from the front.
 Spring seems to have come a little late this year.  I don't think it is normal to see lilacs this late but it was kind of nice.
 A shot of the boardwalk in front of the lighthouse.
 A shot of the lighthouse from the boardwalk.
One more shot of the lighthouse before getting back in the car.

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