Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Walking Around Ann Arbor

I decided to head over to Ann Arbor tonight.  I needed to take a walk and the weather wasn't too bad outside.  I think we are between storms at the moment.
 The Michigan Union was looking nice as usual.
 I'm still not sure what this sculpture is but for some reason it reminds me of the hammers from Pink Floyd's "The Wall".
 Angell Hall was looking pretty nice catching some rays as well.
 I was trying to frame Hill Auditorium between these trees.  Not sure how well it worked though.
 The Burton Memorial Tower was looking nice in the sunlight as well.
 The mural on the side of the building is what caught my eye.  I think it used to belong to David's Books which used to be on the second floor of this building.
 The front of the State Theater.  I think they were recently acquired by the Michigan Theater.  I'm not sure what that means, I hope that means that they will still be showing the movies that fall between what the Michigan would normally show and what they show at the Multiplexes.
 And there is my favorite angle of the Michigan Theater sign.  The Michigan is a neat theater experience.  They will show art films and the ocassional old movie.   This is where I saw Patton, Apocolypse Now, 2001 and Dr. Strangelove on the big screen.  They have an old organ that they will play.
 This is one of a few used record stores in Ann Arbor.  The one I used to shop at was the Wazoo.  One of these days, I'm going to have to stop in here.
 This used to be Seva Restaurant which served vegetarian cuisine.  Apparently, they got their rent jacked up, so they did what any sensible business would do...move.  So I guess no rent is better than what a place used to get.
 Every time I pass by this place, I think of the song, "Skyrockets in flight...Afternoon Delight".
 This looks like some sort of Communist crab dude.
 Apparently there used to be a fur shop in Ann Arbor.  I can't imagine there being one now giving the leanings of Ann Arbor.
 This used to be Champion House which was a really good Chinese restarant on one side and Japanese steakhouse on the other.  This is another place that I would have thought would be a fixture in Ann Arbor but I guess times change.
 The Parthenon used to be here.  I think I've gotten food from here once and it was pretty good.  Not sure what it is now.
 Just a picture of a window display.
 Connor O'Neil's which is an attempt to be like an Irish pub.  It's actually not too bad.
 Looking at some of the buildings on Main Street.
 A Ford truck in dazzle flage.
 This used to be a drive thru beer store.  Now it sells supplies for home brewers.
 A new building called the Zaragon Place.  Honestly, I'm surprised Ann Arbor would allow this.
 At least the Cottage Inn is still here.
What I call the Addams Family House.  I always have to take a picture of this one, I think.
 A closeup of the gate.
 Closer yet.
 I kind of like this effect.  I used the flash.
 Looking down State Street.  In a couple of weeks, this will be packed with folks for the Art Fair.
 A slightly different angle of that.
 Looking down a little further.
 I kind of liked the looks of this building.
Looking down William Street.

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