Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dinner at Bortell's Fisheries

Just outside of Ludington, there is a place called Bortell's Fisheries.   It is one of those places that you would miss unless you knew to actually look for it.  I ate there the last time I went over to Ludington for the Fourth of July and I recalled that it was pretty good.  It came on the recommendation from another blog I used to read.
 On there road, there is nothing particularly flashy announcing its presence.  Just a sign that says "Fish", in case there were any doubts what was served there.
 It's kind of a stretch to call this a restaurant though.  Since they are only open during the summer, there are a few picnic tables in the front yard.  I imagine that keeps overhead low.  On a day like Friday, that wasn't too bad.
 They hae a nice little mural on the front of the building and if you go expecting anything else, prepared to be disappointed.
Another sign.
 I was just trying to go for an odd angle in this picture.
 They open sometime in May and close on Labor Day (or sooner if they run out of fish).
 I guess they have a pretty successful business model since they been open over 100 years.
 Again, the hours are dependent upon their supplies.  The last time I went there, they were out of pretty much everything.
 Their display case.  I think the fresh water fish is freshly caught.  The ocean fish may not be as fresh but I think it's fairly fresh.
 Their menu is pretty simple.  Pick what type of fish you want and they fry it for you.
 If you go, don't bring your American Express (or Visa or Master Card) because they only accept cash.  Judging by the number of cars, it seems to work for them.
 The decor is about what you would expect for a place like this.
 Another view of some of the decor.   There are also some pictures throughout their history.
 They sell t-shirts and hats if you are so inclined.
I decided to go with the walleye and onion rings.  The breading on the fish reminded me of the kind of breading that you would use if you made the fish yourself.  It wasn't too think and didn't distract from the fish flavor.  The walleye was pretty fresh tasting.  The onion rings had the standard breading but it wasn't overdone so those were pretty good as well.

So if you are in Ludington, I would highly recommend this place.

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