Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My First Ship at the Soo...the Lee A. Tregurtha

After driving for a while, I finally arrived at the Soo.  I was thinking that I would go there by way of Tahquamenon Falls but I saw that there was some steady shipping activity for the rest of the day.  I headed to Mission Point because a few of the boatnerds were going to be gathered there.
 I barely had time to get out of the car and get to a good spot, but I managed to catch the Lee A. Tregurtha as she was starting to pass by.
 She's one of my favorite ships and I was happy to see her since it seems like our paths haven't been crossing well lately.
 It was a really nice day for boatwatching at any rate and I liked the way the ships were catching the water.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  I didn't have the right lens on for a closeup though.
And she works her way down the River.  I think she was heading to Dearborn but I'm not sure.

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