Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The American Century Makes an Appearance

I decided to head over to another park to catch the next ship.
 I wanted a fuller beam shot of the American Century.  There is something to be said about the beam shot of a thousand footer.
 Sadly, it was not quite to be, but still a nice shot I think.
 So I headed back to Mission Point to catch some of the closer shots of her.  Again, I'm glad I did, just look at the reflections in the water.
 If you think the 1000 footers look huge out on the water, you should see them when they are right next to you.  They look massive.  The pilothouse towers over you like a building.  I think if you were going to measure this in stories, it would be the equivalent of a 7 story building.  That's not factoring the 20 or so feet that's under water.
 The funny thing about Great Lakes ships is that some of the people on them embrace their almost celebrity status with the people that follow them.  Here we have the captain of the American Century waving a giant hand.  The ship also gave a salute to the assembled crowd of boatnerds.  Other ship crews just seem to want to go about their business.
The giant ship passes by and heads down to the Lower Lakes.

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