Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Too Soon....

As I was walking around the plant while I was taking pictures of the construction and as I wandered to the front of the building, I noticed that the birch trees were starting to turn color.  It seems that it is a little too early for stuff to be turning but then again.
 It seems like this year has been pretty wierd weather wise.  Normally the shipping season goes into Mid-January but it was cut short because of the ice.  Also, the ships start to stir around Middle March so that they can get through the various locks and canals for their openings.  Well, that didn't happen until almost the beginning of April.  Throughout April, icebreakers were busy opening the channels and keeping them open.  It wasn't really until the beginning of May that things got to some degree of normalcy.   We had a couple of hot spells but it's been mostly cool so far.
I know that it's more than the weather that causes trees to turn but it still seems like they are turning early.  I hope this doesn't mean that we are in for another brutal winter.  I guess I wont think about that too much because at least it hasn't been a brutally hot summer.

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