Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gott Giant Boat

As the Jackman was making her way downbound, I caught a glimpse of the next ship that I would see.
 The Gott is another of the thousand footers that sail on the Lakes. 
 Despite having seen several of these, they are still impressive to see.
 Especially at Mission Point because you get a good idea of the size of the vessel.  As I said it is the equivalent of a 7 or 8 story building towering over you.
 She continues past Mission Point.
 So then I went back to the Locks to catch her entering the Locks.  She is tied up waiting to go in next.
 She slowly works her way into the Poe Lock because it is a tight fit for her.  More on that in a bit.
 Looking up at her pilothouse.  It is nice to see the various flags flying from her masts.  The yellow and light blue mast is the flag of her shipping company.  The blue flag is a Detroit Tigers flag.
 A shot of her lifeboat.  This is an enclosed lifeboat which would come in handy in rough seas and the seas can get pretty rough on the Great Lakes.  I would hate to think of the storm that could impact this behemoth.
 Another view of the pilothouse.  For some reason I like this angle because it gives an idea of just how massive these are.
 A closeup of the lifeboat.  It looks like it would be pretty crowded for 44 people but I don't think the Gott has that large of a crew.
 Just another odd angle shot.
Remember how I mentioned a tight fit.  The Gott is 105 feet wide and I believe the Poe Lock is 107 or 108 feet wide.  You never notice that from the Observation Tower, but you can see it here.  She is hugging the wall to one side and appears to have 3 or 4 feet to the other.

Even though I've seen the Gott and her relatives several times now, I am still always impressed by these leviathans.  It's amazing how something that large can float, let alone navigate the areas of the Great Lakes.

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