Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pictures from the Boatnerd Cruise

Every year, the boatnerds arrange a cruise on Engineer's Day.  I never went before but I decided to go in it this year.  It pretty much follows the standard Soo Locks tour but is a little longer which gives more chances to catch some ships in the area.  They also provide dinner which is kind of cool.
 We would be taking Le Voyageur which was built in 1959 by the Sturgeon Bay Shipbuilding Company in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  She is 65 feet long and 25 feet wide and can carry 284 passengers.  They try to keep the boatnerd cruise to less than that so that people have plenty of places to take pictures.  She is named after the early French traders that settled this area over 300 years ago.
 As I was getting on the boat, the Spruceglen passed by.  I didn't catch her sooner, so this was the only picture of her that I could get.
 The Katmai Bay waiting in her slip at the Coast Guard Station.
 The Buckthorn also waiting.

The Captain of our boat.  Apparently this is his last year doing this and because of the nature of what he does, he's gone through the locks the most of any person on the Lakes.  I hope that enjoys his retirement.
 The Edgar B. Speer starting to come through the MacArthur Lock.  She is one I was hoping to catch on the water but that was not to be.
 As we are entering the MacArthur Lock.  This is a view that you can only get from the water.
 Looking up at the observation platform.
 A shot of the Speer's pilothouse as she is leaving the Lock.
 And a shot of her rear.
 The bow of a ship that used to be known as the Algonorth.  They have been slowly scrapping her.  It almost makes me wonder if she is going to become a barge.
 The Esser Steel Mill in the Canadian version of Sault Ste Marie.
 A pile of ore waiting to become steel.
 A shot of the Administration Building.
 Another shot of the observation deck.
 I kind of liked the way this one looked.
 The Cloverland Power Plant.
 A plane waiting outside the Bushplane Museum.
 The Yankcanuck awaing some sort of fate.
 Another view of the Cloverland Power Plant.
The Ojibway supply boat.

It was pretty cool to take this cruise.  It gave me some views that I wouldn't normally get.

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