Sunday, July 13, 2014

One more Chance

So with my plans of chasing the train coming up naught, I decided to head home and do my laundry.  I was thinking about going up to Algonac to chase a ship but a nap seemed like a better idea.  I will still thinking of heading up there but I wanted to catch the train too, so I didn't think I would have many chances at the ship.
 So it was back to Milan.  Based on the time stamp for my pictures from last night, I figured I had to be there at 6:20 or so.  Well, I ended up an hour early there because I forgot to set my camera for Daylight Savings Time.  That was just as well because it gave me a chance to scope out the area for a better spot.
 I would say this is an abandoned line but that engine looks too new to be there.  I think this is an out of the way track so that they can do maintenance.
 A grain elevator.  This is giving me some ideas for my train setup.
 As is this.  I think this is a Norfolk-Southern office in Milan.
 But enough taking pictures of buildings, there were trains affot.
 And also a few people.
 But once the train got closer, I could focus more on the train.
 But I still had a telephoto lens on.
 Which is fine because that gave me an opportunity for close ups.
 Like this one.
 And a shot of the cars as they passed by.
 So then I headed back to the spot I started in this morning.  Just before the Nickel Plate arrived, a Norfolk-Southern train was heading out.
 This particular train was carrying a caboose, which is almost as much of anachronism as a steam engine.  For whatever reason, modern trains don't carry them anymore.
 And then the steam engine appeared.
 It was starting to slow down because the yard was nearby.
 Still presents a nice shot.
 Even though this is a little blurry, I like it because of the sense of motion.
 And the train pulls away.
 A shot with a few cars in it.
 And a few more.
 One more shot of the train.  I seriously hope that these guys do this excursion more often than once every 20 years.
And I leave you with a shot of the tire.

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