Friday, July 11, 2014

An Update From Sturgeon Falls - My Fictional Town

I guess this post should be proceeded by the spinning newspaper you see when they show updates in the movies.  I've been doing quite a bit lately on this and rather just updating as I've done each one, I figured I would give an update in one fell swoop.
 My Wolverine is now a more proper Wolverine as I now have the single level coach cars.  They still aren't the correct cars because they are the Budd Amfleet Cars instead of the Bombardier cars but they look close enough.  I also added a second engine because there are always two engines on the Wolverine.
 A shot of the Wolverine that I am more familiar with.  I'm not sure that it can reach 110 mph on my layout though.  It might hit a scale version of that though.
 I think the proper car says "Café" on one side and First (or Business) Class on the other but this is close enough.
 The Bombardier cars have flat sides instead of the rounded sides on this car but as I said, this one is close enough. 
 My new Amtrak engine.  This is number 61 and I don't think I've seen it attached to the Wolverine.  Maybe when I get braver with these engines, I will make it into a proper Wolverine Number or least one of the engines I've seen pulling the Wolverine.
 The Union Pacific train that calls on Sturgeon Falls has added a new engine.  Ever since I started this little endeavor, I've wanted a Union Pacific engine with the flag on the side.  I finally pulled the trigger and got one.   Since it seems like there is always a pair of engines pulling a set of cars, I paired it with my other Union Pacific engine.
 One of the other activities that I have been doing is redoing my buildings so that they are more in scale.  I've basically replaced all of the buildings that I did in cardboard.  I've also tried to add some details to the buildings.  You can see the Mobil logos on the front of the pumps.  It also says "Honk Horn for Service".
 A view from the side, I added what would seem like a mural.
 The Wolverine theater has been serving the citizens of Sturgeon Falls since the late 20's.  The building was converted from a building built around the same time as the other buildings.  Since it is a model railroad town, the movies have a train theme (except for Star Wars obviously). 
 Another angle so that you can see the name of the Theater.  I'm probably going to do a few more modifications to the building.  I think I will definitely add some detailing to the top since it seems like a theater should be almost as ornate as the neighboring Railway Arms.
 Eat has also seen a re-construction.  Again, I decided to added a few more details to the building.
 The menu for the trackside service.  If you go inside, there are more choices but the service isn't as quick and you wouldn't want to miss the train in Sturgeon Falls.
 For some reason, this looked like a logo you would find on the side of a greasy spoon.
 I also constructed the block of buildings to the right.  They are extremely light on details right now.  I think the tan building would have been a department store at one time but that closed down a long time ago, so it now serves as some sort of boutique.
 Just an overall view of my layout.  I haven't really changed that.
 The pair of Union Pacific Engines.  At some point, there will be a grain elevator to service them.
I kind of liked the way the light was hitting this pair of engines.

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