Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Badger Passes By

One of the neater aspects of the Ludington fireworks is that you get a chance to see the Badger under pretty good lighting conditions.
 The sun is low in the sky and the Badger passes during what is called "the Golden Hour".  The sun is at such an angle that it makes everything have a golden color.
 Everything looks nice at this time but especially ships.  And I think the Badger is an especially nice looking ship.
 At one time, she used to delivery train cars across Lake Michigan but that business became unprofitable, so she sat for a while.
 A local Ludington Businessman took ownership of her and converted her to an auto ferry.
 I believe she is one of the last coal fired ships on the Lakes and that is a point of contention with some.  While I don't agree with the pollution aspect, in the scheme of things what harm can come from one ship?  I think the owners plan to convert her to natural gas or something in the future but like many things...that costs money.  Besides, I think some of the people fighting her have connections to the rival ferry company....not that anything like that would affect politicians.
 Still, she is a beautiful ship.
 In a beautiful setting.
 And she passes the lighthouse.
 Before she gets in place for the fireworks, she does take a little cruise around the Ludington Area.  Normally,  I wouldn't post a shot like this, but I liked the effect of the longer term exposure.
And I leave you with the Badger in position for viewing the fireworks.

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