Sunday, July 20, 2014

A While at the Botanical Gardens

I decided to head over to Matthei Botanical Gardens today.  Their agave plant is blooming now.  Besides, it felt like a good laid back thing to do after yesterday.  Again, I make no claims of knowledge about the flowers.
 These flowers kind of remind me of fireworks.
 I think this one is some kind of orchid.
 I kind of wish I could capture the shade of blue on this one.  This one looks appropriate for Michigan, I think.
 These flowers were attached to a pitcher plant of some sort.
 This is the agave plant.  I think the blooms are at the edges here.  This plant blossoms after 100 years.
 The wollemi pine comes from Australia and is believed to be related to a plant that is over 200 million years old.  This gives it the classification of living fossil.
 A bonsai tree.
 Another bonsai tree.  This one almost looks like it could be put into a model train display.
 One of many cacti there.
 I really like the looks of this one.  Looks like it could attack you.
 This one is pretty cool too.
 Some sort of palm tree.
 I believe these were called Egyptian star flowers.  I kind of liked the way the water was beaded on these.
 The mosaic plant.
 This was also called star of something.
 This one reminds me of a Chinese dragon.
 I kind of liked this one too.
One of the koi in the koi pond.

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