Monday, July 7, 2014

Three Oaks, Michigan

One night my mom was watching a movie called "Prancer" and I got kind of interested in it.  Actually, it is not a bad movie with Sam Elliot.  It's about a girl who stumbles upon Prancer the Reindeer and she nurses him back to health so that he can rejoin Santa Claus.  Part of the movie was filmed in Three Oaks, Michigan.  A little more on how I figured that out a little later.
 Three Oaks, is sort of along US-12.  The downtown portion is off US-12 which is why I didn't catch it when I did my US-12 tour.  It pretty much follows the Standard Midwestern Town template.
 I believe this is a play theater and not a movie theater.
 It pretty much looks like a typical town along US-12.
 An ice cream shop.  It was actually kind of nice to stop here because it gives me some ideas for my train town.
 I kind of like this building.
 This looks like it could have been a general store at one time.
Just a look at the main street.

So how did I figure out that Prancer was set in Michigan?  Well, we were watching the movie and I heard a train passing through and I said to my mom, "I think that's the Wolverine".  She didn't think I was serious.  And then in a couple scenes later, Sam Elliot mentions he had to go to Benton Harbor for something.  I figured there weren't too many other Benton Harbors in the United States.  So I put two and two together and figured it had to be somewhere in Southwestern Michigan.  And looking it up on imdb confirmed that.

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