Friday, July 11, 2014

A Brief Stop at Belle Isle

So then I decided to head over to Belle Isle.  It was a nice enough night to do so.
 Evidently, they have been turning on the Scott Fountain.  I will have to admit, it looks pretty cool with water running through it.
 Then I looked over towards the skyline and liked the way it looked against the setting sun.
 But I really liked the look of the Super Moon.  No sooner was I hoping to get a picture of a boat in front of it when the Detroit Princess appeared.
 A little more of the skyline in the picture.
And a little less.
 Then I saw the MacArthur Bridge and decided to get a picture of that.
 I wouldn't have taken this picture, but I saw the plane flying over, so I had to have it.
A Detroit Police boat racing somewhere.

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